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JDM Subaru WRX / STi Custom Transmission Packages

Product Description

**We have many packages available for EJ207 STi Engines, Transmissions and Subaru parts. We do not list these products online as they are custom built according to your needs. Please fill out the form and we will send you detailed information as well as actual item pictures.**

At J-Spec Auto Sports, we specialize in Subaru parts, engine and transmissions. When you contact us using the form below you will be connected with a representative with vast knowledge and experience with Subaru as a whole.

All our transmission packages will be custom built to suit your needs and your budget. Simply fill out the form below as accurately as possible to facilitate the process in finding you a quality performance-based transmission to suit your needs.

Each transmission will go through a rigorous visual inspection and testing process along with a final inspection. Every transmission presented to our clients need to meet and maintain specific standards.

When you buy from J-Spec Auto Sports, you are buying from a trusted and knowledgable source for all things Subaru.


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