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J-Spec Auto specializes in selling engines of great quality, we do not install engines or do mechanic work.

Phone E-Mail Locations

USA & Canada: 1-866-683-3747

Local Virginia: 804-525-6287

Europe: +1 804-525-6287
Fax: 804-525-6349


Business Hours
Monday - Friday  
Saturday             Sunday               

9am - 6pm EST
10pm - 2pm EST

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We welcome all European customers!

Call us from Europe +1 804-752-2345, Mon-Fri, 2:00pm to 11pm GMT. We ship to Europe on a regular basis. Between EUR 595-795 for door to port shipping and takes aprox 3 weeks. Residential delivery available also, call or email us for quotes.

8590 Sanford Dr.
Richmond, VA 23228

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